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Zen Robes

Zen Robes and meditation clothing for the lay person or monastic are an essential part of meditation practice where you are a student, beginner, lay person and ordained Buddhist Priest.

Zen meditation garments such as, Zen Lay robe, Rakusu, Jubon, aka Juban, kimono, koromo, ordained Buddhist Priest robes. By wearing the kimono beneath the outer garment, and often the Jubon, aka Juban, they protect the robe from body oils, perspiration and so forth while adding warmth when needed.

The hand made Rakusu is important to reflect your vows, precepts and personal commitment to practice the Dharma. All of these are outer reminders of a deeper connection to the three jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Zen monastic garments are specifically designed for the meditation tradition and enhances the experience. Your robe is the physical embodiment of your inner being. Robes acknowledge the commitment to living a life in the presence of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), the teacher (Buddha) and the Sangha (spiritual community).

Our line of Zen Robes and Meditation monastic styled clothing suitable for most Zendo  Centers, retreats or practicing at home.

We do offer special orders in other colors besides black, and other fabrics, such as silk, if needed since some centers prefer white robes or brown robes to distinguish ordained from lay practitioners.

All of our monastic and Zen meditation clothing selections are quite made from comfortable cotton or raw silk for one's personal meditation practice, retreat, seshins or home use.

Note that sizes in XL-XXXL, and colors, i.e., gray, navy and white are an additional 15%. This applies to the Priest's Robe, aka Koromo, Lay Robes, Kimono, Obi belt, Hakama, Zen pants or shirts and Jubons.

Please Check the sizing chart to find your correct size, and feel free to e-mail us with sizing questions; we're happy to help!

When ordering, place the following information in the comments/notes section: your height, weight, bust or chest size and hips, arm length and height to 3" above your ankle to adjust the garment to fit best.
These garments are made to order but are not custom sized. If you're not height weight proportionate, there may be custom sizing required which requires an additional investment. For example, a very tall and slender person will need to
Size Waist/Chest Height/Weight
Small 31-33/31-33 5' 0" - 5' 2"/120-130#
Medium 34-37/34-37 5' 4" - 5' 6"/135-145#
Large 38-42/38-44 5' 7" - 5'9"/150-175#
X-large 44-46/44-46 5' 10" - 6' 0"/180-200#
XX-Large 47-49/47-49 6' 1" - 6' 2"/210-220#
XXX-Large 50-54/50-54 Any height/225#'s+

Note: If you need help selection the correct size we are happy to respond via e-mail. Often garments take approximately 6-8 weeks to produce. Please advise us if you have a deadline, and order with plenty of advanced notice.

All clothing is exchangeable once within the first 30 days for a different size. Otherwise, all clothing selections are non-returnable.