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Customer Testimonials

Below you will find some of the unsolicited testimonials from our customers over the past years. We've been in business for over 18 years offering exceptional products and services. Let us know how we may be of service and be sure to like us on Facebook, connect on Twitter and YouTube.

Four Gates Management Team

Thanks for your prompt attention. And, thanks for the discount coupon I plan on ordering a meditiation cushion and mat, so it will come in handy for that.

thanks again


 Dear all at Four Gates,

Thank you for the safe arrival of my order and I'm very pleaed with it. Thank you for your care and attention.

Great Yarmouth UK

Thanks rock star. Great customer service!

Thank you for your advice(regarding sizing for the best fit). The robe arrived the other day and is just right. I am very pleased,

Eleanor S.

 I had ordered a meditation cushion from you before, and loved it. Now, I am ordering the support cushion as well. Thank you for checking to make sure this was not an error.



I receive my worderful back jack chair. Thank you very much for your interest, I will recomend this shop to my friends.
Best regards,

My wife and I received our shipment today. The robes fit wonderfully. The zafu/zabuton are very comfortable, though at age 54 the full lotus position is still a challenge. We both wish to thank you for your efforts to get our order shipped as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Margaret and Tristan

Hi Chris,

I just received my order. Thank you so much. The brown is PERFECT and I appreciate the extra fabric as well. You just made my day. The robe is so beautiful, I hope it doesn't invite envy!


I received the shirts this week and love them. They fit perfectly. I plan on ordering a few short shirt-sleeve shirts for the summer also. Once again thank you for the exchange.

Thank you very much, you guys are the best and very enjoyable to deal with, many blessings to you and your entire team.

Yes correct thanks again! I made sure to turn my Sanga onto your site and told them your service was par excellent!

Thank you so much for the extra effort it took to get the Back Jack to me 2nd day. It arrived just in time...and now I won't be achy during this long weekend retreat!
Namaste, Adrienne

Thank you for the speedy order placement.
I am an high school art teacher. I am endeavoring to have my students create their own prayer flags for peace as inspired by the Tibetan customs. They will study the five Pancha Buddha, and additional research on Tibet, including their thoughts on what it means to be mindful of dharma, and then reflect on what they are praying for. They will be making stencils then printing on cotton cloth. I hope to send you photgraphs when they are hung outdoors. I hope that having an authentic Tibetan prayer flag example will create a strong learning connection.
In peace, Ronna

Dear Christopher,
Thank you and your sewing team for making our robes according to our specifications. They arrived today and the fit is so much better. I appreciate your consideration.
Sincerely, Jane

The robe is exquisite! Thank you. I passed the FedEx driver on the way out of the hills to go to work, flagged him down and received my package just in time on Thursday. It fits me perfectly and is more finely tailored than the picture shows. I love it. I'm off to do the ceremony with my very classy robe. Many Blessings and another deeply appreciative thanks to you and your seamstress.
Rev. Heather

 Thank you for your quick response. I am very new to the Buddhism thing and found Christopher on You Tube. He was very informative and helpfull with all of his knowledge. I did my research on these items and your company seems to be the one to go with. Please ask Christopher to make more videos. I like his style. He doesn't talk down to you and he comes off as a real person. Not some flaky new age charlatan. I know that was passive-aggresive. Sorry. That is one of the things I have to work on. Lol. I hope to do more business with your company,

Namaste, Scott

 Collected my Zen Robe today, very nice garment, thanks.

Mark, UK.

I received my new zafu and zabuton set and really like it. I'm glad I went with the half moon and the YouTube video assisted me in making that choice. I would not have understood the preference otherwise.


I also really like the complimentary prayer flags! Thank you! As it turns out, they fit perfectly in the space I created for an altar. And I'm trying out the incense as well. I'm hopeful these items will assist me in establishing my meditation practice. Your prices are in line with others, and in fact were a little less than a few other places I looked at. I'll be happy to share your site link in my blog.


 Dear Christopher,

Thank you for letting me know in advance about the design change on this mala. Very considerate of you and Four Gates. The change is fine, and sounds very appropriate. Thank you for your consideration. All blessings to you and yours.

Sincerely, K. M.

 Thank you so much for all your help! The chairs were delivered already. I am very happy with your service and will definitely use your online site again.


 Please forward this message to whomever it may concern. Great service, excellent product, prompt shipping, and adequate customer service. I'm pleased I order my Malas (crystal & ebony) from your online shop. Thanks, and I look forward to ordering again, and of course my recommendations go out to you.


 I got my order yesterday and the items are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Thank you!!!
- Rich

 Dear Four Gates,

This is a note to tell you thank you for sending the remaining portion of my order that was on back order. I recieved it today and am very pleased with the products ordered and the order process. I will be ordering from you again soon. Once again,
thank you.
Terry, Order #11954

 I can't tell you how impressed I am with your customer service, and I very much appreciate your double checking. I do have a bad back so I am looking to get these asap. But thank you so much, you guys are great!!


 I have received your confirmation of my order. Thank you for your prompt, friendly and yet businesslike, excellent customer relations. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

M. S.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending out my order right away last week to Torrance, CA. They arrived within 2 days, and my family is really enjoying them.
Thanks again,


Thank you for the kind gift of the overnight shipment. I look forward to wearing the garments during the Zen sesshin tomorrow evening and through the weekend. I am a member of Kanzeon Zen Center in Salt Lake City. We are a large Zen Sangha. I intend to share my experience of FourGates service and quality products with other members. I also am founder of a sangha in Logan, UT where there about 50 members. Many are at a stage in their practice where they are seeking zafus, zabutons, etc. I will also recommend your products to them.
Kind regards,

 I just got my order yesterday; I can't believe how fast that was. I am redoing my bedroom and can't wait to see how my new bedspread looks. I sure will continue to purchase products from you folks and the emailing service is great.



 Greetings from Utah:

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your service. Every time I have called I've been treated very well and left with the feeling that you really care about service to your customers. And besides that, all of my calls have provided good answers. I don't know much about your company, but it feels like a small one given the personal treatment.
Thank you,
Jim B.

 Thanks Christopher. I'm impressed with how you keep the client informed. I look forward to receiving the merchandise and purchasing other items from you.

Con cordiales saludos,

J. R. C. C.

 Thank you. Your professional courtesy is appreciated and when I need more back jacks, or know of others who want them, I will recommend you(Four Gates).

R K. 

Christopher, Thank you I have received my items. I enjoy them everyday. Thax,


Received the Blue Celtic Tapestry yesterday (Friday) afternoon. It's great. Thanks for the speedy service and excellent product.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your website is. Thank you for all of the good feelings that live here.


 Dear John,

Thank you for your response to my query. The parcel was delivered today and I am absolutely delighted with it.

 The phurba/tri-gug counters are extraordinary! Thank you for making them available.


 The package arrived yesterday in great shape. Thanks for your help in my purchase.,

 Thanks - I rec'd the screen and just love it - very nice and very nicely packaged so it arrived in beautiful condition. Prayer flags here too! thanks so much!



I received the lovely gold and stone earrings and am very pleased. Thank you. I will continue to enjoy visiting your website.
warmest regards,



The incense arrived today in good condition. Very, very nice. I will pass on your Internet site address to my friends.


 You folks at Four Gates are awesome. I made my Internet order Monday, here it is Wednesday and I already have exactly what I ordered. Thank you! You've blown your competition out of the water. I will definitely order from you again and recommend you to all my Dharma friends.

Adin, San Francisco

 I just wanted to thank you. The robe is perfect!



Thanks for such nice clothing, music, jewelry, and other items. Everything is wonderful. ... Thanks for making life more peaceful and meaningful.

- Nancy

 Dear Four Gates:

Thank you for your prompt shipping and your great Water Song bench product. It arrived in 6 days from Arizona to Calagary Canada. You have some great products, and hopefully will advertise more "up North".


Dear John,
I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with my order through I ordered last Tuesday, the order came in 2 days later (even though i chose UPS Ground)! It has been great ordering from your website! Thank you very much!


 Dear friends,

The Zen lay robe I ordered from you arrived, and is lovely. The workmanship is really nice.

- Julia W.

 Love the bench. You would not believe just how appropriate it is in it's setting! Will send you a picture soon. I love it!

- Judy F.

Robyn, thanks. It's in the mail. I'm impressed with your business. Right livelihood ain't that present these days.
Good for you.

- Bill

 I would just like to thank you for your expedient delivery of the Zenigata basin to Alix Evans. It was truly amazing that an order of a 150 pound item placed late Sunday night could be delivered to Los Angeles by Wednesday of the same week. The delivery of this gift was more than timely, and I appreciate your efforts in making this happen.

Thank you once again,

Paula N.


Just wanted to let you know that my order has arrived and everything is beautiful! Thank you for your excellent service and wonderful products!

- Tracy

 To whom this may concern: I recede the zafu and Zabuton on Wednesday in good order. They're very comfortable, and I'm very pleased. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you very much and have a good day.


Jonathan P.

 hey, I just wanted to let you know that I just received my bench and it is terrific. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery, more on-line stores need to have the same sense of urgency as you when it comes to getting an order shipped quickly. I know that patience is a virtue,but it is much easier to have a patient mind then to patient a sore back. I know this bench will make the difference. Peace to you and keep up the splendid job. I will surely be ordering from you again. Thanks -

jared k.

 hello Christopher (and robyn, whose name appeared on my package) I just went out for about an hour and a half, to meet with my tax preparer. (not a good thing). but then, a very nice thing: I returned home to find my neighbor with a FedEx for me, and I'm totally blown away by your service. Didn't I place this order like um, yesterday?? thank you so much for your incredible service as this most-beautiful Mala (the Tibetan inlaid wood mala) is now in my hands, and much sooner than expected. Namaste,

Harvey s.

 THANKS!! I never expected to receive my package so soon! Got it today! It's beautiful! More than expected!! I will shop with you again most definitely! Wonderful doing business with you. Very satisfied,

- Baron

 Dear Four Gates: I ordered 2 wrist Malas from you last week, and just received them. They're not only beautiful in their simplicity, but they will serve the purpose I sought perfectly. I wanted a small, subtle reminder of my (new) path, and the Malas are just right. My thanks again

- Linda L.

 I received my Zafu yesterday and wanted you to know that I am very happy with it. I also very much like your web site. - Namaste


 I received my order this morning; I am impressed with your prompt service. The robe fits perfectly and is long enough to almost touch the floor -- most robes I see people wearing are too short. The Jubon and Kimono also fit well... Thanks again for your quick response to my order. - M

artin J.

 Thank you! The Kimonos are beautiful and very comfortable! You have provided a great service that I will surely use again in the future. Most sincerely,

Luke S.

 I received my shipment of incense last week and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the quality and value of my purchase. I will definitely buy my incense again through your company. Thank you!

- Laura T.

 I just want to say how very impressed I am with your company. I received an order of CDs yesterday when I had only placed the order on Friday afternoon. When you said Monday I thought the order would be processed on Monday I never expected to receive it then. This was only my second time ordering from you and I have been just tickled with the both the quality and service. The rose quartz Mala beads that I received are absolutely incredible. :-) I look forward to ordering again in the future and thank you so much for your wonderful work. Namaste,


 Christopher:...I just received the tiger-eye Mala, right on time, and in exactly the style I had asked for. This is the fourth tiger-eye Mala I have purchased from your company, and they all have been spectacular. (I give my Malas away to people who seem to need and want them. I gave my last one to a dying person to help with his transition to ... whatever.) Thanks again for your wonderful products and service. Gassho,


 Hi, Thanks for being conscientious and letting me know about the shipping policy. I've been impressed with the quality of the products and the service that I have had with you company. Of all of the things in my life, being non-attached to shipping methods was definitely one of the easiest. ;-) Thanks, J

ohn B.

 Hello! I received the meditation zafu yesterday and it is wonderful! You've surpassed all my expectations, and you can bet that I'll be returning for future shopping. Thanks for the great products, - Elizabeth W.

 Honored Sir: Your reply is helpful to me. This morning I ordered the full crystal Mala and made a request for your blessing...then I would ask that your blessing incline all practice on that Mala to be of great benefit to all sentient beings. Thank you for all your assistance. Respectfully

- Jim

 Dear Ones at Four Gates, Received the re-strung Mala today and it is perfect for me! Thank you so very much. Loving thoughts.


 I requested a Forecast and Karmic Soul Chart last year. I found then very helpful and accurate - Thank you for your attention to this chart.


 Hi John, Instructions were great and I love this chair. Thanks again for your quick responding. Best regards,

Sue T-B.

 Hello, I placed several orders and received some of them today. The clothes I ordered were magnificent. The colors, the fabric, the design are beautiful! Blessings and good will -


 I received my Mala today, it is beautiful and well made, thank you so much for the quality workmanship. I look forward to doing business with you again.


 I ordered a Tiger-eye Mala and bag, which arrived last week. They are both quite beautiful. Namaste.



I've received my order and wanted to thank you, it's nicely done and I'm very happy with the robe.
Michael F.

 Dear...really enjoyed the last order.. Thanks so much for assisting with my spiritual awakening! grace

 Dear...We received our order Friday 14th July. Thank you for speedy delivery and Ian and I were delighted with the free RASA CD enclosed as a gift from yourselves. We are delighted with the quality of the incense and we will be back. Kind regards

Patricia and Ian L.


Hello, I am writing to thank you for the fast service I received for my order. The zafu arrived 4 days after shipping. I work in customs clearance in Canada and I am very familiar with shipping delays. I started using my zafu immediately upon receipt and it has increased my meditation benefits immensely. Thank you for your excellent workmanship and quality. This cushion will serve me well as I learn the benefits and healing of meditation. Thank you very much and I will recommend you to others. Marian S


Dear.. I have received my order of the two sets of Tingsha Bells and my friend and I are very pleased. Thank you.


Hello again, Just to let you know that my order has arrived intact, and that I am very pleased with it. Thank you for your service and best wishes to you.
Julie M.


 Just wanted to send a quick note that I received my replacement mala today and it is absolutely wonderful!! I very much appreciate your quick response ith my return, and am absolutely satisfied with the new mala.


Dear. Robyn, Thanks again for being such a wonderful company to work with. I will highly recommend you to my friends.
Aleida L. :)

 Dear Robyn thanks for the confirmation. i received both books and am enjoying them both. I will be taking the red Tara Empowerment in June and the "red Tara commentary" has been very helpful also "being nobody, going nowhere" has been very inspirational. Reading the same teachings by different teachers always adds a new dimension to my understanding and appreciation of the Dharma. Thank you again for the excellent service and an excellent site. Sincerely,

glorya s.

 Dear Christopher, Unbelievably expedient - I can't thank you looks like the rings will arrive in time for our anniversary. Thank You So Much,

Craig M.D

 Dear Four Gates, I just received the Sherpa yak bone mala that I ordered. I just wanted to say how pleased that I am with it. It certainly is beautiful , just as pictured on your web page. It has a strong organic smell to it,(caused by the natural oils in the bone-Four Gates comment) therefore I am wondering if I should do anything special in the way of maintaining it? Also, is there any history attached to this style of mala?

 Thanks for providing it to me and I hope to be ordering something else soon. Regards,

Franklin K.

 Dear Friends, I want to thank you for your professionalism and courtesy! I'm anxious to receive my order. Once again, thank you!

ryon B.

 Dear Four Gates, .Thanks, Robyn, you guys have great Customer Service! I received my package.

y M. H.

 Dear...I just wanted to say thank you! I received the order today and I am truly delighted. You can count on me becoming a regular customer! Thank you again and best wishes,


 Dear Christopher, .I appreciate your fast response to my phone inquiry. I will feel comfortable ordering from in the future, again many thanks.


 Dear Robyn, Thanks so much for sending my package 2nd day air. I admire your quick response and will remember you all first when I need to purchase something else. These tapes will be so appreciated by my friend. Thanks a million. Regards,


 Dear...thank you very much for your quick service! it is much appreciated.

alisa s.

 Dear...Just wanted to drop a note and share with you that I got my new cushions yesterday and they are excellent! Thanks for all your help!


 Dear...The blue prayer shawl arrived and is beautiful. I am impressed. Thanks so much. Alex

 Dear...Pillow arrived today and is great, thanks!


 Dear Friends, Thank you for the amazingly speedy order of lovely buckwheat hull cushions! My students, high school kids, are just thrilled to have their own! Best,

Mary E.