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Altars & Shrines

Altars and shrines are an exception way to create a sacred space in your home, office or business.

Altar table is the Christian phrase, which means an "elevated place or structure before which religious (or spiritual) ceremonies are enacted." You can personalize an altar or shrine for prayer, meditation and spiritual practice. It does not have to be formal as long as you find that feeling of connection from having it bless your home.

Shrine tables are used in the Eastern meditative and spiritual traditions to place sacred objects which create a place for veneration. The focus of either an altar or shrine is largely the same: to built sacred focus in your religious or spiritual life. These sacred spaces collect, concentrate and unite all of your best visions, dreams, values and beliefs like a reservoir collects water. Altars and shrines are a place to gather in order to focus your gratitude, blessings, aspirations, sacredness and offer up your heart and soul. You can create a loving zone of inner happiness, celebration and joy by having a shrine in your home.

Buddhists enhance the beauty of the shrine with copper offering bowls, shrine clothes of brocade, various statues of Buddhas and teachers. Of course, you can create the shrine to honor your own tradition or preference for whatever sacred path you are affiliated with.

Be sure to visit the incense, gongs, katas, statues and music departments to finish the shrine room or sacred space with everything you need to create a place of beauty, rest and refreshment in your home.