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Mantra training is essential if you're going to gain maximum benefit, achieving the best possible results for attracting the blessings you desire.

Without training the mind, the use of mantra can create obstacles, release potentially negative karma and eventually produce energy blocks.

Mantra practice is the recitation of sacred words of power, which can to unlock streams of higher virtues within your heart and mind. Mantras are "sacred Sanskrit sound syllables", effecting changes within your inner psyche, and thereby the external world. However, if one is not trained to use them properly by living mindfully; with love, compassion, kindness and virtuously, then sacred sounds can "water and nourish the flowers or weeds within you.

The power of mantras comes not from the meaning of the Sanskrit seed syllables, but from their direct vibrational effect on our body's physiological, emotional, mental and spiritually energetic systems.

Sanskrit is a formula based, energy language, found in Buddhist and Hindu Chants. Sacred words of power are energetic sound formulas for working to evoke certain vibrations. The blessed words are designed to eliminate obstacles while invoking our deeper enlightened nature as we progress spiritually. Sacred Words will eventually help us make energetic progress towards the wisdom, compassion and expansive awareness within our heart and mind.