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About Us

Four Gates was founded in Sept. 1996. We've developed an organization, making a positive impact in the lives of groups, businesses, educational institutions and retreat centers by offering "tools for living happier." The practical, educational tools support spiritual self-help, stress management training, high energy business coaching, educational trainings, mindfulness retreats, soul development workshops, group retreat services buildiong stronger habits for well-being.

We've made supporting you, your business and group a positive and engaging experience. You should enjoy shopping which is hassle free. We offer easy good navigation, and great quality products which are fairly price.

The "Four Gates" refers to the positive four positive qualities which form the foundation for happier, healthier living. These are:




Equanimity or serenity

We believe these qualities are indispensable for a good and happy life. These qualities are the antidote, the cure all so deeply needed in our modern life. If we can practice cultivation of these four qualities as the basis for living we'll create a more peaceful, constructive and enlightened society. The Four Immeasurable are the armor of an awakened heart. We invite you to bring more kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity into your everyday life.

We appreciate your business, and wish to continue to stay in touch.

Many thanks, and wishes for success in all things good.

Four Gates Management Team