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We offer a fine collection of Japanese incense, Indian Classical Incense and Tibetan Ayurvedic incense blends.

The incense department is a trusted source for those practicing meditation, yoga, Zen meditation, for Buddhist Sanghas, Hindu Temples, at Christian Churches and for those who wish to use authentic incense for ceremonial rituals.

Burning incense is a timeless spiritual practice and religious ritual. Personal use of incense for meditation is essential as an sacred offering substance which increases positive karma or merit.

Using incense at weddings, for annointment of the newly born and sick, to clearn negative influences from room, home or office has many benefits. We educate you on how to use incense most effectively for purification, healing, blessing and energizing your meditation area.

Burning incense is a healing, soothing and uplifting activity. Each incense formula will have a different cleansing, healing or purifying effect.