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Astrology is just the art and science of energetic patterns.  We are all living in a multi-layered ocean of life enriching energy.  Astrology helps look at patterns which personally impact you, those around you and your Soul.  It helps give you another way to find clarity, meaning and purpose in your life.

Some scientists speak about space as not a vacuum but a rich field of tremendous relationships between stars, and planets, solar systems and galaxacies and the universe of galaxcies.

Seven benefits of Atrology are:

1. Clarify your life's direction, path or purpose.

2. Understanding the many and diverse cycles of your life.

3. Identify the paths of least resistance in career choices.

4. Gather a broader perspective on to begin, alter or end an enterprise.

5. Understand karmic obstacles and opportunities

6. Find the compatibility between you and a life mate, business partner or family member.

7. Gather information about what's coming in your future.

These are not prescriptive insights but rather patterns of energy which flow through your life based on personal, planetary, solar and galactic streams of life energy.