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Prayer Beads & Malas

Explore the authentic selection of new and antique malas. These fine prayer beads are made from sandalwood, rosewood, Bodhiseed, beautiful semi-precious stone, such as, crystal, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, mother of pearl, amber, garnet, amethyst, aventurine, turquoise, bone and coral.

The word "Mala" is from the Sanskrit:माला (MA-LA) are known by many names:

  1. Buddhist prayer rosary,
  2. Buddhist mala,
  3. Japa mala,
  4. Prayer beads,
  5. "Power Beads",
  6. Hindu prayer mala

Malas are used for meditation and prayer to protect the mind from the five poisons of karmically harmful states of mind. Reciting mantra, with your mala to count recitations, creates the opportunity to transform negative, poisons into virtuous, positive states of mind.

The qualities reciting mantra transforms are:

  • pride is transformed into equanimity, humility, nobility and compassion
  • hatred (aversion) is transformed into understanding
  • jealousy or envy are transformed into joy
  • craving, grasping and greed are transformed into discriminating awareness and generosity
  • ignorance (delusion) is transformed into clarity and wisdom

Our prayer beads are made with 108 or 111 beads, plus a guru bead. They're used for counting mantra recitations while chanting mantra. If the mantra are recited with a focused mind, this will help awaken increased positive energy and healing.

Buddhists and Hindus use the Mala to count a round of mantra, or prayers in Sanskrit and/or Tibetan, typically in cycles of 108.

Protect your investment, be sure to select a mala bag for storage, since this reduced breakage of the cording or wiring used to string the mala.