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Wrist malas

Wrist Malas are worn on the wrist for ease of carrying them. Generally, wrist malas are use during protrations, but can be use at any time for recitation of mantra. Malas are known by many names:

  1. Buddhist traveling prayer rosary,
  2. Buddhist wrist mala,
  3. Japa wrist mala,
  4. Wrist Prayer beads,
  5. Wrist "Power Beads",

We offer a wide range of malas, including antique malas crated from sandalwood, rosewood, Bodhiseed to beautiful semi-precious stone malas made from crystal, lapis lazuli, rose-quartz, mother of pearl, amber, garnet, amethyst, aventine and coral.

If you practice use your mala with Bodhichita or enlightened mind/intention, this expands the blessings from reciting mantra and using your mala hundreds of times thereby increasing good karmic benefit.

Malas are used for meditation and prayer to protect the mind from the five poisons of karmically harmful states of mind. Reciting mantra, with your mala to count recitations, creates the opportunity to transform negative, poisons into virtuous, positive states of mind.