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Ten Virtues of Burning Incense

The Ten Virtues of Burning of incense in Japanese Koi traditions.

  1. Communication with the transcendent part of yourself and others.
  2. Offering incense removes impurity from the space, and one's emotions or mind. It also wards of evil influences.
  3. Keeps one's mind alert, since scent is the most powerful sense, beautiful fragrances release energy within centers in the brain.
  4. Refreshes the body, emotions and mind, leaving one feeling awakened.
  5. Is a companion in solitude, and by buring incense one feels a sense of the presence of beauty, joy, compassion and a connection to life giving energy.
  6. Creates a moment of tranquility in a busy world, which then leads to a release of stress.
  7. Is a source of the awareness of generosity and abundance, through offering oneself, and what one has to give back. Scent which is healing, uplifting and enriching is believed to attract unseen forces of a positive nature.
  8. Used daily, is is a harmless activity, because only positive sensations, joy, calmness and good feelings come from offering scent.
  9. Age does not change it's beauty and quality, since incense lasts for many years, decades or even longer.
  10. Even in scarcity, one is fulfilled by the beauty of scent.

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