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Text Holders

Sacred text holder, aka, pecha covers or sadhana wraps

 1) The traditional bamboo and brocade pecha text holders are rectanular, with ties.

 2) The soft brocade version are rectangular. These can handle traditional bound books, small 3 ring binders up to 2" thick, and hold other items as well. This pecha style holder can be used for 8.5" x 11" spiral bound materials as well.

 3) The traditional, lighter weight fabric for long, rectangular pecha puja or sadhanas, (spiritual practice) manuals. These are soft text holders, made of a heavy shirt weigh fabric, are less costly but the least thick or proective. If you purchase this version it is recommended that you store your sadhanas inside of a bamboo styl holder mentioned in the first selection.

All text holders, or pecha covers are perfect to protect the sacred puja sadhanas, books, texts, and provide a beautiful way to store it, or travel safely in a back pack, brief case or suit case. and Bamboo Pecha Text Holders to fit your need best.

Note: Coloration varies from one shipment to the next, and no two are exactly alike.

Choose either Brocade with Bamboo or Soft Brocade Sacred Book Covers to suit your needs. All of them come a cotton tie band closure.