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Zen Rin gongs are often used for Meditation Practice...

but each can also be used as a stress management tool, used for yoga practice or starting meetings as well.

A important meditation musical element is the Buddhist Rin Gong which is essential for clearing and focusing the mind for Zen meditation and prayer. They allow the mind to become still and calm. It is the perfect choice for a mediation instrument since it is easy to use, and immediately beneficial.

Select the best size of Meditation Gong depending upon the size of your meditation space the number of people who sit together. A large room will require are larger Gong. However, choose the size that best suits your preference and bugdet.

They are available in either brass or iron. Iron Zen Gong has a deeper tone sound with more base quality. When you strike them it creates peace, calmness and joy where ever this beautiful musical meditation instrument is played. Yet, special training is not required, simply practice with it and notice how different ways of striking the gong produce various effects.

The Japanese Rin gong will tranform any space into a sacred space. Sacred Sound is powerful, healing, centering and enriching.