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Aromatherapy Gift Sets

Aromatherapy Shoulder, Back, Eye and Head Packs

When purchased in a set you are receiving a GREAT BARGAIN!! A 46% Discount. The set includes one each of the shoulder wrap, back belt, lavender eye cover & mint pack. 100% natural aromatherapy herbal packs are filled with 12 herbs including lavender, chamomile, peppermint, white willow, rosemary, yarrow flower, valerian and cinnamon.

The base material ingredients of the pack is flax seed which is used as the main ingredient to hold the heat or cold. They are created in designer matching prints. Each pack is completely unique, not two are exactly alike.

The difference between this Aromatherapy pack set product and other hot and cold wraps is that these are herbal with a clear aroma, And they will retain the heat or cold about half of the time as our other wraps.