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  • Tibetan Buddhist shrine where Long Purification Practice for the Deceased is performed.
  • Akshobya Buddha, the primordial Buddha of the East.
  • Medicine Buddha on shrine table, the healing Buddha of Compassion.

Long Purification Practice for the Deceased


Long Purification Practice for the Deceased ritual puja. Provide the full name of the person the ritual of purification for the deceased will be performed for in the comments box in your order form during check out.

Your loved one or friend can benefit from this ritual whether recently passed away or having passed years ago.  We provide your full name to the monk.  Please allow one week for the practice(s) to be performed which allows us time to communicate your need as well as for him to schedule along with other duties, study and practice obligations.

The tantric practice of Purification Practice for the Deceased is used when somebody has recently died for transferring their consciousness to a Pure Land. This ritual puja practice is for people who have recently passed away. This practice can liberate beings from the lower realms and can benefit those who are in the intermediate state on their way to a lower rebirth (by activating the positive karma that leads to rebirth in the human realm or a Pure Land). In that way, those beings have a chance once again to meet the Dharma.

Purification Practice for the Deceased is a skillful tantric practice of purification using the power of mantra, the power of concentration, and the power of Buddha's words of truth. This puja uses recitation and mantra chanting practice associated with the Medicine Buddha, and purification practice of Buddha Aksobhya. Creation of a ritual cake Torma offering is required for offering to the deities.

We periodically plant trees for all puja performed on behalf of those prayed for. We do this through, and non-profit dedicated to reforestation, reducing global warming and increasing habitat for animals living in the wild.

The puja will be performed by one person. This puja takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Offerings are made to the monk for meals, lodging and tea service
Shrine supplies and other related costs in addition to an offering for him.

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