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  • Yellow Dzambhala or Vaishravana Thangka with mongoose and fruit of abundance. Used in Kubera ritual and wealth pujas
  • Yellow Dzambhala  mantra or Vaishravana mantra used in Tibetan Buddhist wealth and prosperity practices
  • Yellow Tara Thangka, feminine aspect of wealth and prosperity, used in Tibetan Buddhist pujas.
  • Tibetan Buddhist shrine used for all ritual pujas

Wealth and Prosperity Practices for you, Vaishravana, Dzambhala and Yellow Tara


Wealth and Prosperity Practices for you or your loved one. These powerful rituals are called of Vaishravana, aka Dzambhala, Jambhala and also the feminine aspect of Yellow Tara.  Both rituals will be performed for two days.

Provide the full name of the person the ritual of purification, prosperity, generosity will be performed for in the comments box in your order form during check out.

After the practices are performed for the recipient, you will receive a blessed protection cord, a white kata blessed scarf.

You do not need to be present while the puja or spiritual practice is performed. We provide your full name to the monk.  Please allow one week for the practice(s) to be performed which allows us time to communicate your need as well as for him to schedule along with other duties, study and practice obligations.

Vaishravana or Dzambhala is also spelled Vaiśravaṇa, is founded upon the Vedic or Hindu deity Kubera.  Both Buddhist and Hindu deities share identical characteristics connected with overcoming the vices of stinginess, greed and grasping or attachment. 

He is often portrayed with a yellow face. In various forms, He carries an umbrella, chatra as a symbol of sovereignty and shelter. He's most often holding a mongoose in his left  hand with jewels spilling out of it's mouth. The mongoose is the enemy of the snake, often a cobra in Asia, which is the symbol in this case of greed or hatred. The abundant ejection of jewels represents generosity, giving blessings and prosperity.

We periodically plant trees for all puja performed on behalf of those prayed for. We do this through, and non-profit dedicated to reforestation, reducing global warming and increasing habitat for animals living in the wild.

This puja takes 2-3 hours per day to complete.

Donations are used for:

Offerings are made to the for meals, lodging and tea service, shrine supplies and to cover the costs of gifts you'll receive.
Shrine supplies and other related costs in addition to an offering for the person performing the practices.

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