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  • Dzambhala Wealth Prayer Flags

Dzambhala Wealth Prayer Flags


The Five Dzambhala Wealth Prayer Flags are powerful sources of compassionate, enlightened wealth energy. This set of (5) Dzambhala Wealth Prayer Flags come in 5 classic colors. The wealth and prosperity flags are made from durable fabrics which gives them a longer life than the gauze like rayon.

Each wealth and prosperity flag measures 8" x 6".

Dzambhala, or Dzambala auspicious wealth prayer flags are very unique because of the strong prosperity intention or prayers written on them.

The images are of Five Dzambhalas, also known as Zambala or Jambala are pictured. He is known as the protector of wealth and fortune.

The 5 Dzambhala Wealth and Abundance energy colors are:
Black (for long life to enjoy abundance and life),
White(purification of obstacles to wealth),
Red (wish fulfilling jewel and compassion)
Green (magnetising or attracting wealth), and
Yellow-gold (for prosperity enrichment).

All five Dzambhala energies are viewed as protectors of weatlh, abundance and prosperity. Each color corresponds to the five elements of metal/green, wood/blue, water/white, fire/red and earth/yellow.

These are very well made and last much longer than most prayer flags and its color does not fade easily.

Prayer flags are printed with sacred images of the 5 expressions the 5 Dzambhala wealth deities.

It is said that wherever the wind that touches them goes, it will carry the beneficial power of the prayers to any beings it meets. Thus bringing more of the energy of plenty and abundance.

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