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  • White Umbrella, Sitatapatra feminine protector and guardian

White Umbrella Protection, Purification and Cleansing Ceremony


White Umbrella Purification, Protection and Cleansing Ceremony. Provide the full name of the person the ritual of purification and protection will be performed for in the comments box in your order form during check out.

You do not need to be present while the puja or spiritual practice is performed. We provide your full name to the monk.  Please allow one week for the practice(s) to be performed which allows us time to communicate your need as well as for him to schedule along with other duties, study and practice obligations.

White Umbrella is one of the tantric deities that is popularly practiced under the action Tantra. This method of practice was introduced by the Buddha during his visit to Tushita heaven to teach his mother who was reborn there.  White Umbrella practice is popular in Tibetan Buddhism as it is well known for clearing obstacles such as harmful effects from humans and non-humans. Direct or indirect harmful effects can be averted with this practice.

The White Umbrella ceremony involves a few different blessings.  The first part is cleansing and purifying using a string of 5 colors that is placed on the participant's body while the master recites blessings. During the recitation we put all our negativities into the string and the string is then cut and burned in a very small fire along with black sesame seeds.

The second part is a cleansing involving the master pouring water from a vase on the heads and faces of the participants.  While performing the ritual, the participant visualizes all the negative karma, sickness and impurities being washed away by the water.  Then the master will use a peacock feather to fan away negative energy as well.  The third part involves giving a torma to worldly spirits.   This ceremony can be performed for individuals or groups.  

We periodically plant trees for all puja performed on behalf of those prayed for. We do this through, and non-profit dedicated to reforestation, reducing global warming and increasing habitat for animals living in the wild.

The puja will be performed one monk. This puja takes 2-3 hours to complete.
Offerings are made to the monk for meals, lodging and tea service
Shrine supplies and other related costs in addition to an offering for him.

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