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  • Tibetan Buddhist shrine with offerings where puja or sadhana are performed for healing,  removing obstacles and prosperity
  • Medicine Buddha Thangka image on shrine where healing, health and prosperity puja is performed for the benefit of others.
  • Medicine Buddha affirmation

Medicine Buddha Healing Practice and Ceremony


Medicine Buddha Healing Practice and Ceremony. Performed for two days.

Please provide the full name of the person Medicine Buddha ritual will be performed for in the comments box in your order form during check out.

Medicine Buddha has been widely believed to express the enlightened healing and energy balancing qualities of all the Buddhas. And, from our deepest inner connection to healing qualities we can also help invoke this soothing source of blessings. By invoking and awakening  this aspect of Medicine Buddha we collectively increase our healing powers, bringing about beneficial results that allow us to increase happiness, health and vitality into our lives. When done by experienced practitioners, the mantra and visualized energy is transmitted.

You do not need to be present while the puja or spiritual practice is performed. We provide your full name to the monk.  Please allow one week for the practice(s) to be performed which allows us time to communicate your need as well as for him to schedule along with other duties, study and practice obligations.

Medicine Buddha Long Puja (Men-La Do-Chok) Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. Medicine Buddha took the famous 12 vows upon attaining enlightenment, according to the Medicine Buddha Sutra. Some of those vows are: 1) to help relieve the destitute and the sick, 2) to help heal mental afflictions and delusions, 3) to heal beings born with disabilities, illness, or other physical sufferings.

The practice of Medicine Buddha, the Supreme Healer, is not only a very powerful method for healing and increasing healing powers for both oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sicknesses of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Thus, to meditate on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering.

This puja uses recitation and chanting of the Medicine Buddha Sutra, the collected prayers of the 8 Healing Buddhas (including Medicine Buddha), and creation of a ritual cake (Torma) to offer to the 8 Healing Buddhas. This puja takes 1 hour to complete per day.

We periodically plant trees for all pujas performed on behalf of those prayed for. We do this through, and non-profit dedicated to reforestation, reducing global warming and increasing habitat for animals living in the wild.

Donations are used for:
Meal for the day
Shrine supplies which include candles, incense, torma, food and other offerings.
Small donation to the practitioner, and costs for gifts are included
Tea service

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