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  • Amitabha Buddha and Guru Rinpoche Mantra

Yeshe Tsogyal Aspiration Prayer and Guru Rinpoche Mantra


Yeshe Tsogyal Aspiration Prayer and Guru Rinpoche Mantra, Guru Rinpoche Mantra combined CD.

Guru Rinpoche mantra invokes the heart essence of all the Buddhas, especially Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of Boundless Light, from which the precious guru is an emanation.

Padmasambhava, meaning "Lotus-Born", as he is also known, is the 8th-century Indian master.  He gave countless teachings, performed protective practices for the sake of monasteries, teachers and the Buddha's teaching, there are many mysteries surrounding his full life story apart from helping the construction of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet at at the request a well respected spiritual teacher in Tibet.

A number of legends have grown around Padmasambhava's life and deeds, and he is widely venerated as a 'second Buddha' across Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India


Guru Rinpoche mantra invokes the Indian Maha siddha, meaning 'Great Realized Yogi' with extra ordinary powers, who authored innumerable terma texts(sacred teachings left to guide, protect, purify and heal humans). There are 2 mantras, 2 tracks on this CD. Performed by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, Venerable Traga Rinpoche, Drupon Thinley Rinpoche and the Garchen Sangha.

Run time: CD, approx. 60 minutes.

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