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  • Yellow Manjushri, Dzambala Prayer Flag

Yellow Manjushri, Dzambala Prayer Flag


Sold out...Yellow Manjushri & Yellow Dzambala Prayer Flag Tall, banner style Tibetan Prayer flags are printed with sacred images, prayers and mantras.

Purpose of Yellow Manjurshri prayer flags: Increasing wisdom, knowledge and clarity when facing a big decision.

The Yellow Manjushri, Yellow Dzambala, Dzambhala, Zambala Prayer Flag is specially designed to facilitate the knowledge, wisdom, insight to find and use wealth in enlightened ways. The Yellow also brings an increase in knowledge about prosperity and abundance.

Yellow Dzambala is connected to the earth element which is balanced by this prayer flag when this important energy is lacking.

It is said that wherever the wind that touches them goes, it will carry the beneficial power of the prayers to any beings it meets.

Prayer flags are used as a 'Feng Shuei'tool, they not only prevent the bad 'Chi' but also transforms them into good and useful ones for the benefit of all sentient beings as and when wind and rain touches them.

Yellow Manjushri, Yellow Dzambala Prayer Flag dimensions: 58" x 26", with ties on one side.

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