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The Enneagram, Helen Palmer


The Enneagram: Exploring the Nine Psychological Types and their Inter-Relationships in Love and Life. by Helen Palmer.

We do not all experience the world ? or each other ? in the same way. The joys and sorrows of relationship and career can be understood only through the eyes of the beholder. On Helen Palmer?s The Enneagram you will learn a vital system of sacred psychology capable of stunning insights into our lives and loves. The Enneagram is one of the world?s oldest models for understanding how humans relate to each other and the divine. In different forms, Buddhists, Sufis and Christians have used it for many centuries. Today we use it, not only as a tool for greater self-knowing, but also to ?see? how loved ones, co-workers and others face the difficulties in life. It is a way of sacred wisdom that can help you break out of your trance-like state of limited awareness and open to the gifts of the spirit. Derived from the Greek words ennea (?nine?) and gram (?model?), the term refers to the nine central passions that recur in spiritual traditions. The Enneagram allows you to identify which ?type? of passion dominates your personality. This is your key to overcoming the veil of illusion that limits your perception to only one-ninth of reality. Join this eminent scholar and teacher of the Enneagram for over eight hours of in-depth instruction.

Topics include:

    • The nine personality types

    • History and origins

    • How to recognize your type

    • The role of attention and awareness in type

    • How your type can give you spiritual direction

    • Dynamics of type interaction

    • and much more.

      There is no more vigorous, useful model of human psychology than this sacred way of seeing into yourself ? and through the eyes of others.


    • Origins of the Enneagram

    • Spiritual tradition and the Enneagram

    • The oral tradition of the system

    • Meditation practice and the Enneagram

    • The nine passions and the nine virtues

    • Personality and the ?False Self?

    • How psychological defenses emerge

    • The teachings of Gurdjieff

    • The three triads: anger (self-forgetting), feeling and fear

    • How the nine types react under stress

    • Reactions when feeling secure and loved

    • The Enneagram sub-types: sexual, social and self-survival

    • Intimate relationships and the nine types

    • Keys to typing yourself

    • How to avoid mis-typing others

    • Spiritual conversion of habit energy

    • Types, awareness and attention

    • Gender differences among types

    • Detailed descriptions of each type, including strengths, weaknesses and potentials

    • Awakening the Inner Observer ? Building energy through meditation practice

    • Much, much more

Contents: 8 CDs, 8 3/4 hours, 25 page study guide.

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