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Stress Relief Through Meditation: How to Relax, Increase Calmness & Positive Energy


Stress Relief Through Meditation: How to Relax, Increase Calmness and Positive Energy by spiritual teacher Christopher Lee May.

This is a unique a six-session, guided meditation course designed for beginning-intermediate level students.

One of the most beneficial features of the Joy Of Meditation Course is that it encourages regularity of meditation with the added benefit of being able to receive authentic spiritual instruction from a qualified teacher.

In the Stress Relief Through Meditation: How to Relax, Increase Calmness and Positive Energy, you will an introduction and 6 modules via MP3 downloadable audio files. A series of links will be given after making the purchase.

It is beneficial for your continued growth to have a structured process which is pleasant, supportive, enriching and focuses on what will make the experience positive.

There is plenty of foundational material for all levels to work with in this comprehensive course. And, best of all, there is an interactive ability to submit questions for monthly review.

You will have an instructor to communicate with via the Ask a Spiritual Teacher website,, for monthly updates and Q and A.

There are six modules within the Joy of Meditation Course, which will include:

Module One : An Overview, Everything You Need to Get Started

  • Mindfulness Meditation Practice, the foundation of all meditation
  • Correct posture and how to sit comfortably
  • How to avoid stiffness and discomfort when meditating
  • How to increase the motivation and dedication to practice with regularity
  • Relating to your thoughts, emotions and physical body in a friendly manner without resistance
  • Preparation to meditate, when is the best time of day
  • How to encourage daily discipline
  • The best diets for meditation
  • Daily wisdom to encourage accomplishment
  • Why meditation during the full moon cycles is especially beneficial
  • How to select a meditation cushion or chair for meditation
  • Opening and closing your meditation
  • What to wear for meditation

Module Two : Cultivating Harmlessness, or Ahimsa

  • How to heal karma with specific practices and visualizations
  • Keeping a sense of humor in life
  • Harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the enlightened body
  • Meditation and prayer as a form of service

Module Three : Energizing and Purifying Breathing Exercises

  • Cleansing breathing
  • Energizing breathing
  • Exercises to calm the emotions with breath
  • The connection between breathe and energy centers

Module Four : How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Increase Joy and Happiness

  • Visualizations and reflections for releasing negativity and transforming all obstacles into positive qualities
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Methods of dealing with discouragement

Module Five : Creating Sacred Spaces

  • How to create a shrine or sacred space for meditation and spiritual study
  • Selecting a location for a sacred space
  • What elements are best to include and why
  • When to use music, gongs, bells and instruments in meditation
  • Bowing and prostrations - what is the purpose of this practice
  • How to respect the sacred space
  • How to do a house blessing

Module Six : How to Use Mantra and Prayer most Effectively

  • Best mantras and prayers to begin with
  • Benefits of using prayer and mantra correctly
  • How does mantra work
  • History of mantra

The course will be delivered digitally in both ZIP file(s) and MP3 audio files for you to download at your home or office.

You will be able to correspond once a month to get questions answered from our Ask a Spiritual Teacher website.

All students will receive a one time 10% discount for Zafu and Zabuton set purchased through when you sign up for the course. All you need do is sign up for the course, and subscribe to our Four Gates Wisdom and Compassion Community Newsletter.

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