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Living with Intention


Living with Intention:The Science of Using Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart.

Is intention simply wishful thinking, or is it a force that can actually change the world around you? Nobody has made a more comprehensive investigation of the power of the mind to influence the universe than Lynne McTaggart. Her conclusion: thought does shape reality, but much depends on how skillfully the thinker can use his or her intention. With Living with Intention, this groundbreaking author builds upon her findings from The Field to explore what makes mind over matter work, what can interfere with its effectiveness, and how you can use focused thought to enhance your life, help those around you, and transform your world.

Consciousness: The Final Frontier of Physics.

"Individual studies neither prove nor disprove the power of intention," McTaggart explains, "but when we take the research as a whole, a remarkable picture of the truth begins to emerge." Her extensive research into the frontiers of science reveals that our understanding of what is physically possible is rapidly expanding to give us a new view of the universe, in which the role of consciousness is as important as the laws of physics. On Living with Intention, she lucidly presents the latest science from the quantum pioneersâ??and then shows you how to put these discoveries into action.

Learn the Secrets of the "Masters of Intention".

By studying the common traits of "intention masters" from various traditionsâ??such as Buddhist monks, Qigong experts, and intuitive healersâ??McTaggart has developed a series of practical techniques for getting the best results from your intentions. Now she shares her most reliable exercises for "powering up" your thoughts through visualization, focus, and surrender to the greater universal energy that is the true agent of manifesting your desires.

With Living with Intention, Lynne McTaggart provides an invaluable resource of information, practices, and scientifically based training for turning thought into realityâ??and unlocking your true human potential.

Contents: 6 CDs with 5 hours, 45 minutes of listening enjoyment.

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