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  • Outdoor Copper Om Mani Prayer Wheel
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LG Outdoor Copper Om Mani Prayer Wheel with Mantra roll inside


This large Indoor/Outdoor Copper Om Mani Prayer Wheel is made from hand hammered, embossed copper sheets with the Om Mani mantra prayer on the exterior. Inside the Om Mani Prayer Wheel there are mantra rolls with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantras.  They can be installed at zoos, museums, art galleries, schools, retreat centers, yoga centers, homes, businesses and a host of other places.

Note: Please contact us prior to ordering to insure pricing is stable given trade tariffs, and to determine current availability.  We'll also need to verify freight costs.

They include printed mantra sheets on a continuous paper roll coiled in the interior which is the traditional manner of adding the prayers.

These prayer wheels can be used indoors, or outdoors just as easily. If you set it up outdoors, it is best to build a roof or protective structure over it to protect from rain, snow and birds or animals roosting on top.

When you spin them, think of all those who need positive energy, positive thoughts, and support. Send them your prayers filled with love, compassion, kindness, joy and good wishes.

This is a very spiritual technology combines some of the most deeply healing, purifying, wisdom, joyful producing and protective mantra used in the Buddhist tradition. However, you do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit and enjoy this beautiful spiritual healing tool.

Having and using the Outdoor Prayer wheel will create tremendous positive karmic merit or benefit to use this prayer wheel. Guests, family, friends and visitors to your home, retreat center or cabin will enjoy turning it when they arrive. Teach those who spin it to always turn it clockwise.

A single shaft runs up the center of it, which then is supported by mounting brackets.

Approximate Size: 10" wide X 22" high.

Two metal brackets are included with each prayer wheel. One is used for the top and one for the bottom.

The metal brackets have holes, two on either side of the central mounting piece.

Note: We have one prayer wheel in stock. All orders for prayer wheels are special order, and ship from Asia. 

Allow approximately 5 - 6 weeks to receive outdoor prayer wheel orders.

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