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  • Medicine Buddha healing mantra which can be recited with lapis mala
  • Lapis Blue Medicine Buddha with seven healing Medicine Buddhas, used for visualization with Lapis mala
  • Lapis lazuli Medicine Buddha blue mala with sacred image resting beads, 8mm.
  • Medicine Buddha pendant blessed by mantra practice

Lapis Blue Mala with three sacred image resting beads


Lapis Healing Mala with 108, 8mm jewelry grade lapis lazuli, with 3 sacred image spacers for a total of 111 beads. This is the perfect mala for Medicine Buddha practice, all healing mantra and to cultivate qualities of loving-compassion for others.

Four Gates Lapis Malas are made from "AA" or "A" grade of Lapis, 8mm beads. The Lapis Lazuli beads color with vary from navy to royal blue. The turquoise counter beads are considered auspicious while creating a beautiful accent prayer beads.

It is believe that using the Lapis Mala aids the following qualities:
* Aids in balancing etheric energy and healing,
* Helps in developing intuition,
* Promote with spiritual development when used in authentic practices,
* Lapis Lazuli is believed to bring mental clarity & emotional healing,
* Can be used deliberately to clear the mind from obstacles when used in meditation
* Boosts mental creativity,
* Is good for virility,
* Facilitates manifestation of higher intentions when used with deep love for all beings,
* Lapis Lazuli mala also helps increasing awareness and expansion of consciousness,
* Lapis Lazuli is a stone traditionally for royalty.

The Medicine Buddha is lapis blue, signifying boundless healing love and compassion for all beings from the depths of His heart.

Tibetan Buddhism and Ayurveda medicine recognizes three basic types of illness, the root causes of which are the conflicting emotions: passion, aggression, and ignorance. Medicine Buddha heals these with the light of His blessings.

Select a beautiful mala bag to protect your prayer beads.

Be sure to request a Blessing of New Mala, consecrating of prayer beads. This is important to increase the benefit in your practice.

Purchase includes a free Medicine Buddha pendant which has been blessed by mantra and kept on the Medicine Buddha shrine. You must request it to insure it's something you desire, otherwise it won't be sent.

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