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Kosmic Consciousness


Kosmic Consciousness by Ken Wilber explores in the sessions-An Unprecedented Audio Learning Experience

Before the birth of the universe there existed your Original Face, the limitlessSelf that has been present throughout the unfolding of inert matter into life, and that continues to dwell within us at every level of consciousness. Where is thisgrand evolution taking us-and how can each of us participate more fully in it? On Kosmic Consciousness, Ken Wilber invites you to find out.

Since the first publication of his groundbreaking ideas at the age of 23, Ken Wilberhas sought to bring together the world's far-ranging spiritual teachings, philosophies, and scientific truths into one coherent and all mbracing vision. This integral map of the Kosmos (the universe that includes the physical cosmos as well as the realms of consciousness and Spirit) offers an unprecedented guide to discovering your highest potentials.

Now, this legendary author invites you to discover theseinsights in his first full-length audio learning course. In 10 fascinating sessions, Wilber pursues questions especially relevant to spiritual seekers: What are themost effective tools for jumping to the next level in your spiritual, creative, and cognitive development? Does prayer work? How do women and men experienceconsciousness differently? Is subtle energy real and, if so, how do we harnessit? Why is developing witness consciousness so crucial for self-realization? Can we cultivate infinite love by loving one, finite person? What, exactly, does Kosmic consciousness feel like?

One of our greatest possibilities, teaches Wilber, is to balance and harmonize our experiences at whateverstage of growth we are in-and to deepen our capacity for compassion, consciousness, and care." For Ken Wilber's many avid readers, and anyone who has been waitingfor a highly accessible invitation to his work, here is one of the most significantthinkers of our time-spontaneous, passionate, irreverent-sharing a feast of ideasto inspire you on your evolution toward Kosmic Consciousness.

Kosmic Consciousness Highlights:
- The one taste of the Kosmos
- Quadrants, lines, states, types, and stages-a complete introduction to the Integral Map
- Assessing yourconstellation of "multiple intelligences"
- The Good, the True, and the Beautiful-three realms of experience explored
- How meditationworks and why it is the most reliable tool for personal development
- Feminine and masculine drives, how our biology influences our spiritual evolution
- The chakra system, a paradigm for the unfolding self
- Integralinsights for artists, business people, and athletes
- Altered states of consciousness, how they can catalyze (or hinder) transformation
- Sexuality and lovemaking in the gross, subtle, and causal bodies
- The "pre-trans fallacy," an essential insight for evaluating spiritual tools, traditions, and teachers
- How fearlessness grows as your sense of self expands
- Four definitions of spirituality
- The ego-is it a vehicle or an obstacle to awakening?
- Lucid dreaming, astrology, brainmachines, the enneagram-integral perspectives
- Mystical experiencesin nature-a window into spirit
- How love "re-wires" the self
- Could your dog be an enlightened master?
- Basic Moral Intuition-acompass for our actions in the world
- Cultural "centers of gravity"and how they influence us
- Insights of Jurgen Habermas, Jean Gebser, Carol Gilligan, Howard Gardner, Clare Graves, Jane Loevinger, and others
- Reincarnation-myth or provable phenomenon?
- What does an enlightenedteacher "transmit?"
- Ascending, descending, and "non-dual"spiritual paths
- Tantra and the "embrace of heaven and earth"
- Over 12 hours of insights in a rare series of meetings with Ken Wilber


DiscOne. The Integral Approach: the Big Three, the Quadrants, and the Lines of Development

1. Introduction2. Ken Wilber: Kosmic storyteller 3. Integral map-making 4. I, We, and It-the Good, the True, and the Beautiful5. The Four Quadrants6. The Lines of Development7. The special importanceof cognitive development

Disc Two.Evolution Enfolds: the Stages of Development1. Introduction2. The Stage conception3. What does "spiritual" mean?4. Levels, structures, stages, waves5. Are we evolving as a species?6. The dangers of evolution7. Reincarnation and human development through the life cycle

Disc Three. From Identification with self to Realization of the Self1. Introduction2. A simple model of development 3. Divination, astrology, and the pre-transfallacy4. From mythic to integral, and beyond5. What techno-economicbase will emerge to support integral consciousness?6. The widening of identity7. "Center of gravity" and the developmental line of the self8.Was Ramana Maharshi an integrally realized world teacher?

Disc Four. States of Consciousness1. Introduction2. Waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, the gross, subtle, and causal realms3. Your Original Face the ever present Witness4. How the experience of altered states leads to theacquisition of higher stages of development5. An integrally informed approach to psychedelics6. Levels and fields of subtle energy7. Can you rank evolution by species?8. The Wilber-Combs Matrix9. The momentous leap from first tier to second tier consciousness

Disc Five. Types1. Introduction2. Typology and the Integral Map3. Gender tendencies and masculine and feminine modes of being4. Rights and responsibilities, freedom and fullness5. Making love in the gross, subtle, and causal body6. Androgyny, bisexuality, and the cultivation of masculine and feminine sexualenergy7. Combining vertical scales with horizontal systems of typology8. Will new elements be added to the integral map?

Disc Six. The Precious Opportunity of Human Birth1. Introduction2.Ascending, descending, and non-dual spiritual orientations3. What is thegoal of human development?4. The realization of One Taste5. Precious human birth6. The seven chakras correlated with states and stages7.What happens when an enlightened being dies?

Disc Seven. Developing Witness Consciousness1. Introduction2. The Inexpressibles3.EEG evidence of brain states associated with satori4. How meditation acceleratesvertical development5. Does writing strengthen the witness?6. Turiya:the fourth state of consciousness7. Highlights of Ken Wilber's personal experiences with meditation8. Breakthroughs, downturns, and plateaus in Ken Wilber's process of awakening

Disc Eight. Integral Transformative Practice1. Introduction2. The transmission of non-dual awareness3. How can weunderstand the uneven development of spiritual teachers?4. Have we movedbeyond the age of gurus?5. Guidelines for choosing a spiritual teacher6. Exercising body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature7. The worldof the dream and the world of waking up-the domains of psychotherapy and spiritualpractice8. The Ego-ego axis9. Does prayer accelerate human development?

Disc Nine. The Basic Moral Intuition1. Introduction2.The greatest depth for the greatest span3. Animal rights, abortion, capital punishment-ethical dilemmas that involve evaluating the depth of sentient life4. What about vegetarianism and the basic moral intuition?5. When is warjustified?6. Integral peace-making and the vision of a World Federation7. Diplomatic lying

Disc Ten. Applying the Integral Model1. Introduction2. Speaking AQAL, the language of an all quadrant, all levelapproach3. Integral art4. Is there a 3D visual model for the integralmap?5. Ken Wilber applies his theory of literary criticism to his own work6. Is understanding the integral model necessary for human development?7.Should we consider a work of art separate from the ethics of the artist?8.An all-quadrant, all-level story of the future

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