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Beneficial Nematodes, 1 pint


Beneficial Nematodes, 1 pint is 5 million. Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic warriors. They look like small worms, and are found naturally in our soil and other habitats. There are many species of Nematodes - Good, Bad, and in-between.

One Nematode sponge treats a 300 square feet area for an average insect treatment, for severe infestions concentrate the treatment to smaller areas, and use more than one sponge.

The Good/Beneficial Nematodes kill garden the pests affecting your garden. The Beneficial Nematode we sell has been tested to be effective in controlling the following pests:

White Grubs, Japanese Beetle,Masked Chaffer, Sweet Potato Weevil,May/June Beetle, Colorado Potato Beetle,Strawberry Root Weevil, Flea,Bill Bug, Banana Moth,Banana Weevil, Bagworms,Flea Beetle, Carrot Weevil,Surgarcane Stalk Borer, Cucumber Beetle,Various Tree & Vine Borers, Asparagus Beetle,Black Vine Weevil, Citrus Root Weevil Group,and many more...

What do nematodes do? They prey on many soil borne pest that can devastate a yard and garden. They are especially effective on crane fly larvae that can leave large brown areas of your lawn appearing dead and dried out.

What do they look like? They are microscopic worm-like creatures that are invisible to the naked eye.

Will they hurt people or pets? They will only attack the pests that they can consume. This does not include any higher animals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or humans.

Can they survive the heat and cold? They will over-winter in most areas of the USA and are selected to be active a temperatures down to 45 degrees

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