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  • 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva

100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva


100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva by Traga Rinpoche and the Garchen Sangha.

Tibetan Buddhism uses the 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva as the a portion of the entire liturgy / sadhana practice because if swiftly purifies and removes obstacles of body, speech and mind. This CD is a rare portion of those practices focussing entirely on the 100 syllable mantra of Vajrasattva. The benefit of listening to this Buddhist chant is tremendous. This is an informal, temple based, not a studio recording..

The hundred syllable mantra is the quintessence of the mind of all the Sugatas. It purifies all violations, all breaches, all conceptual obscurations. It is the supreme confession, and to recite it one 108 times without interruption, repairs all violations and breaches and will save one from tumbling into the three lower realms. Daily repetition of the hundred syllable mantra 21 times while meditating on Vajrasattva will prevent the effects of downfalls from developing or increasing; 100,000 recitations will completely purify all your downfalls. Single CD

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