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  • Wrist Malas, one pair

Wrist Malas, one pair


Wrist Malas, aka, Buddhist Prostration Beads or Japa Wrist Malaare convenient to wear on your wrist or tuck into your pocket/purse. They are reasonably priced, and make excellent gifts too.

Select any two Wrist Malas of your choosing from those shown.

Important note: The larger bodhi seed wrist malas are big and do not fit snugly against the wrist. Thus, the bodhi seed is a best choice for men. For women the 7-8mm sizes are best.

Description of each Wrist Mala:

  • - 22, 8 mm beads, no tassel.Aventurine Wrist Mala
  • Amethyst Wrist Mala- 23, 8 mm beads. This Mala will fit most small to medium sized wrists comfortably. However, if you are large boned it will be too tight at the 23 bead design.
  • - 21, 10 mm bead, with tassel and guru bead. And now with a red tassel and white fluted bead next to the tassel.Bodhi Tree Wrist Mala
  • - 23, 10-12 mm beads.Dark Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala
  • - 23, 10-11 mm beads.Dark Bodhi Seed wrist Mala with turquoise bead accent
  • Carnelian Wrist Mala- 22, 8 mm beads, no tassel.
  • Crystal Wrist Mala- 22, 7-8 mm beads, no tassel.
  • Hematite Wrist Mala- A very powerful stone used throughout the ages to make magical objects. It acts as a magnet that transforms spiritual power into determined action.8mm beads.
  • Lotus Seed Wrist Mala- 27, 7- 8mm beads with red ties. This size will fit anyone with a medium to large size wrist better. This is a perfect companion to our full 108 bead lotus seed Mala shown elsewhere on this page.
  • Rosequartz Wrist Mala- 22, 8 mm beads, no tassel.
  • Sandalwood wrist Mala with tassel8-9 mm beads, MAJMW-SW.
  • White Yak Bone Wrist Mala - This mala is very striking. We create this from 27, 7-8 mm beads, with an image of Buddha on the guru bead. It will fit most women well, not recommended for men since the size is smaller.

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