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Wealth and Prosperity

Wealth and Prosperity are important as a basis for happiness in the physical world.

Selections you'll find here include:

  • Jambala Wealth Offering Set, aka Jambala Set
  • Consecrated Treasure Wealth Vase, Yellow Dzambala
  • Consecrated Health Treasure Vase, Medicine Buddha
  • Blessed Vajrakilaya Treasure Vase
  • Dzambhala, aka Zambala or Jambala statues
  • Guru Rinpoche, aka, Padmasambhava statues
  • 5 Dzambhala prayer flags,
  • Chenrezig Love and Compassion prayer flags,
  • Medicine Buddha offering items,
  • Dzambhala wealth and prosperity incense

Wealth from the enlightened perspective means creating a shrine as a reminder virtue, loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom and joyful living.

How do we maintain this flow of Wealth and Prosperity blessings? Through our own charity, generosity and contact with deep resources within our own pure nature.

"Through the blessings of Ogyen Dzambhala, we can restore the outer universe and the inner inhabitants back to the original state of resplendence and vitality, and can eventually wield the ultimate prosperity of sublime and ordinary spiritual accomplishments, leading all beings to the state of pure awakening." 

- Lama Chodak Gyatso Nubpa.