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Sand Gardens

Relaxing Zen Sand Gardens are popular a source of beauty, quiet relaxation and stress relief.

Sand Gardens are a wonderful tool for developing a relaxed state of mind. The benefit of using the one is that it can result in calming the mind, aiding you to quieting the mind, thereby creating a feeling of relaxation.

 When you slowly rake the sand into flowing patterns it calms you down. You can create a floral Zen ikebana arrangement by adding a few flowers, or sprigs of greenery. These feng shui elements aid are beneficial to focus the mind on something serene. Raking the sand at your desk at work is an excellent way to start each day.

Thes table top gardens make memorable gifts, and are excellent coffee table conversation pieces.

 This is the perfect gift for a busy person's office. Zen Sand Gardens make memorable gifts lasting for years, and are excellent coffee table conversation pieces!

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