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Fly Predator Parasite, one month supply


Fly Predator Parasite Wasp Trial size, one month supply is a biological fly control insect. After the trial period it is recommended that you purchase afour or five month supply to maintain the wasps on a regular basis. Single treatments are not as effective as regular monthly treatments.

Fly Predators are safe for people and animals - they are harmless. They are knat sized, nocturnal, burrowing insects that do not bite, sting or become a nuisance.This little bug is so effective because it kills the flies before they reach the adult stage. The female Fly Parasite will lay her eggs inside the fly egg, and use it for nutrients.The flies will not hatch: instead more Fly Parasites will hatch.

Fly Predator Parasites are economical and last and entire month. However, to be effective you should order a 4-5 month supply.

Start releasing when temperatures in your area are starting to warm. For best results, release a batch of Fly Predators each month of the fly season.The Fly Parasites will move around in search of fly eggs, and will even burrow on a breeding site.

For the best results, scratch about 1/2 inch a hole in the ground with your boot. Simply sprinkle them out of the bag into the hole. Cover them with dirt, or manure to protect them from wind, birds and hot sun. Release in several spots. For Example:Around loafing shed and stall edges, manure collection areas, and other fly breeding spots.

If you already have adult flies you may need to use baits or traps to eliminate. Be careful when spraying chemicals near where you have released Fly Parasites. Chemicals kill the good bugs with the bad bugs. Flies will also quickly develop a resistance to chemicals, so be selective.

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