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  • Dzambhala Electric Prayer Wheel with mantra roll containing hundreds of thousands of prayers invoking prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Dzambhala Electric Prayer Wheel


Product is not currently available.  The Prosperity, abundance and wealth prayer wheel contains the Dzambhala mantra. It has beautiful 5 colored mantras and auspicious symbols on the exterior surface. There is a long roll of mantra inside the wheel with 100,000+ mantra inside. It is packed tightly similar to a roll of adding machine paper.  Be sure to order a Blessing of New Mala, consecrating of prayer beads or blessing of the prayer wheel for maximum benefit.

Dzambhala, aka, Zambala or Jambhala is the embodiment of all the wealth, prosperity and generosity of the Buddhas and enlightened beings.

For maximum benefit, place this prayer wheel offering on your shrine and altar in your home, in the wealth corner of your house, in your shrine room, temple or retreat house for maximum blessings. At the end of each day verbally dedicate the positive benefit from the prayers to the welfare of those who desire and need increased prosperity. This is especially true for those organizations working for the welfare of humanity through philanthropic work.

This metal Dzambhala prayer wheel stands about 7.5" tall.

Lead time for receipt of this special order item vary from 3 - 8 weeks. If the item is out of stock, we'll need to import it first, then send off to you once it arrives. Allow at least 3 - 4 weeks for arrival. 

* Please note: this product is designed to operate on 120V systems. International customers may need to use a voltage converter in order for the prayer wheel to work properly.

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