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Japanese Natsume Basin, Zennegate Basins, Kiku and Tetsubachi Basins and Asian Imported Garden Accessories.

In this stillness and peace Zen Garden area you'll find various water basins which make great conversation pieces for restful garden environments:

  • Zennegata Water Basin, hand carved granite,
  • Antique Water Basins, made from natural stone granite,
  • Kiku Water Basins, hand crafted from durable granite,
  • Natsume Basins, hand chiseled from stone boulders,
  • Tetsubachi Basins, oval shaped and read to use for any Zen garden setting,
  • Fountain Basin Water Reservior, 2', 3' and 4' square.

Please note that granite basins come in various shades gray and may vary someone from one to the next. As a natural material we cannot guarantee the same color shade as pictured. Sometimes it will be darker and sometimes lighter.

Freight is via truck, and must be calculated manually.  Call to place your order, then freight will be calculated.