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Amitabha Buddha Statue, 8" 1


Amitabha Buddha Statue, medium size 8"

Amitabha Buddha, also known as Amita or Amida Buddha, is the best known Dhyani Buddhas figure in many parts of China and Japan Dhyani Buddhas. In a previous era, Amitabha was a king who renounced his kingdom to become a a renunciate monk. As a Bodhisattva he practiced for five eons until achieving enlightenment, and becaming a Buddha.

Amitabha Buddha reigns over Sukhavati or Pure Land, similar to the western understanding of paradise or heaven. Those reborn in the Pure Land experience the joy of hearing Amitabha teach the dharma until they are ready to enter Nirvana.

Amitabha expresses the pure, unconditional qualities of mercy and wisdom. He is most often associated with the third skandha, or clear perception.

In the Tibetan or Vajrayana Tradition, one meditates on Amitabha as a way of transforming desire into pure loving-kindness. He is sometimes pictured in between the bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Mahasthamaprapta.

In this image, Amitabha's hands are in a meditation mudra. His symbol is the lotus, representing gentleness and purity.

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